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Are you ready to build something special?

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Hi, we’re CloudSense. 

We make commercial success easier for huge companies around the world by giving them disruptive results, without disruptive change to their businesses.

The likes of Telefonica, Liberty Global, Spotify, EDF and News Corp use our proven platform to give their customers convenient, personalized and friction-free customer experiences.

But there’s more to CloudSense than our platform. It’s our people that make us different. Our people are the brains behind our software, and the personalities who build trusted partnerships with our customers. 

Since starting out in 2009, we’ve grown at a remarkable rate. Today we employ more than 350 people, across 12 offices spanning Europe, the U.S. and Asia Pacific. And, since our $77 million investment from Vector Capital, we’re growing even faster. 

We’ve built our success together. Now we’re looking for more outstanding people to join us on our journey – what are you waiting for?