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Standardized & automated quote-to-cash process

Automated contracts, billing & commissions

Faster & easier new agent onboarding

The background 

Compass is building the first modern real estate platform, pairing the industry’s top talent with technology to make the process of buying and selling a home intelligent and seamless.

By combining a technology platform with the personal touch and expertise offered by real estate agents, Compass blurs the line between a real estate brokerage and a technology company.

To fuel its rapid growth, Compass needs technology partners that integrate seamlessly with its systems and add value across business units instantly. When the real estate innovators began a project in September 2017 to standardize and automate its key quote-to-cash processes, it selected CloudSense as the preferred platform.

Compass implemented our Salesforce-native Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) to streamline its internal operations and automate key downstream processes.

We spoke to Compass’ Group Product Manager, Fawad Rizwi, about why Compass picked CloudSense and how our companies have worked together since.

Why Compass chose CloudSense

Compass was already using Salesforce, but wanted a solution that could further enhance its capabilities.

Its search for the right CPQ platform centered on a number of key requirements.

“We explored reputation and company profiles, conducted industry research, considered recommendations from our consulting partners and, most importantly, performed our own evaluation of the platform’s configurability and flexibility. We compared the top CPQ platforms over a three-month period and evaluated their ability to handle our needs with out-of-the-box configuration.”

After a thorough selection process, Fawad explained why CloudSense came out on top.

“We picked CloudSense due to its ability to meet our current and future use cases, its configurability, as well as the commitments from the CloudSense team to deliver strong implementation and support resources.”

Powering Compass agents with data and technology

Compass’ principal aim was to automate and standardize its business processes, using CPQ to increase overall efficiency and the organization’s ability to scale.


Automating Quote-to-Cash


Making it easier to scale


Increasing business efficiency 

By streamlining and automating processes with CloudSense, Compass is able to reduce the burden on its employees to manually complete processes along the agent life-cycle.

“CloudSense addresses our use cases and allows us to capture key pieces of data in a structured manner that enables further Quote-to-Cash automation, including contract, billing, and commissions automation,” Fawad summarized.

Collaborating with a like-minded partner

Compass and CloudSense are both technology-led companies, and this alignment was evident from the first engagement. 

"We share strong engineering cultures and both value agility – an important driver during our first project, as well as subsequent engagements. This has helped ensure success in delivery of our projects,” commented Fawad.

“CloudSense’s people are very thorough and professional. We’ve found them willing to work extended hours. They’ve also been very detail-oriented in understanding our business requirements in order to architect our systems correctly.”

Implementation best practices were also demonstrated throughout the engagement with Compass. “CloudSense used industry standard design and development processes such as code version control and structured deployments.”

When asked to summarize his thoughts on working with CloudSense, Fawad said, “It’s a great team to work with; there’s a deep technical understanding of the product and an enthusiasm to help us achieve our business goals.”

He continued, “CloudSense is a powerful, scalable platform and one that’s certainly worth considering if your company is in the market for robust CPQ solutions.”

“CloudSense addresses our use cases and allows us to capture key pieces of data in a structured manner that enables further Quote-to-Cash automation, including contract, billing, and commissions automation.”

Fawad Rizwi, Group Product Manager, Compass

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"CloudSense play a key role in the integrated modular and horizontal platform that is fundamentally changing the core of the whole business."

Mirko GroppDigital Adoption Principal

40% Reduction in average lead-to-order time.

"CloudSense enables our internal and external partners to sell more, easily. By automating our sales processes our lead-to-order time is cut by 25%."

Danielle de HaesEnterprise CRM Manager