Streamlining the ad sales experience through Salesforce

De Persgroep

De Persgroep Online Services is a clustering of market leading online services including AutoTrack, Nationale Vacaturebank and Tweakers.

De Persgroep Online Services select CloudSense to provide seamless ad booking process on Salesforce

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    De Persgroep Online Services have selected the Salesforce-native CloudSense Platform to streamline its advertising booking process.

    De Persgroep Online Services is comprised of three business units, each addressing a specific market: labor (Persgroep Employment Solutions), technology (Tweakers – voted the best website in the Netherlands 5 years running), and automotive (AutoTrack and Carsom). Between them, the websites attract a large, varied customer base – giving the Persgroep Online Service’s advertising customers a unique cross-media portfolio to target.

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    Delivering an end-to-end ad booking platform

    As long-term users of the Salesforce Service Cloud, De Persgroep Online Services selected CloudSense’s Platform to extend its Salesforce capabilities. CloudSense will give the De Persgroep Online Services an end-to-end advertising booking platform, fully integrated with Google DFP.

    This flexible platform will streamline and automate ad booking processes, supplying greater efficiency and providing De Persgroep Online Services’ sales and ad operations teams with total visibility across ad inventory, enabling them to:

    • Spend more time selling
    • Sell faster and with more accuracy
    • Launch new products quicker
    • Provide relevant ad recommendations based on real-time data.

    As a result, the company’s Online Services will provide its advertising customers with a seamless ad booking experience.

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    ‘Handle the complexity of ad sales across multiple websites and industries’

    The Director of De Persgroep Online Services, Sander van den Hout, commented, “After a rigorous selection process, we chose CloudSense due to the flexibility their platform provides on top of Salesforce. This will enable our ad booking to team to handle the complexity that comes with supplying ad sales across multiple websites and industries. Ultimately, our customers are the driver of our actions and CloudSense will help us provide them with the best service.”

    CloudSense’s CEO, Richard Britton, said, “As the complexity of advertising sales increases, the agility and flexibility CloudSense’s Platform inherently provides is becoming ever more sought after as organizations strive to meet customer expectations. We are delighted De Persgroep Online Services are the latest media organization to select CloudSense and look forward to working with them to deliver an exceptional service for their end users.”


“CloudSense will enable our ad booking to team to handle the complexity that comes with supplying ad sales across multiple websites and industries.”

Sander van den Hout, Director of De Persgroep Online Services