Accelerating and optimizing ad sales on Salesforce

News Corp Australia

News Corp Australia is Australia’s leading publisher, selling 10.4 million newspapers each week and distributing an additional 6.7 million commuter and community titles.

News Corp Australia selects CloudSense to streamline Ad Sales

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    CloudSense, a global leader in Salesforce-native commerce applications, has added another customer to its international media portfolio.

    News Corp Australia, the country’s number one media company, has selected the CloudSense Platform to help accelerate its News Xtend advertising sales process, from initial contact to a signed order, and to ensure a more consistent and cohesive experience for its SME advertisers.

    Making more of Salesforce

    As existing Salesforce Service Cloud users, the move continues News Corp Australia’s adoption of Salesforce-native technology. The CloudSense Platform will deliver a guided sales and booking process, seamlessly connected with Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP). The platform will also be integrated with key back-end infrastructure including News Corp Australia’s ERP system.

    CloudSense will empower News Corp to deliver more accurate pricing and provide a single, integrated product and platform for cross-channel sales on Salesforce. With a single integrated ad platform, News  Corp will benefit from enhanced transparency and accountability around its booking and sales prices.

    “CloudSense is proud to be enabling News Corp Australia to deliver the right experience for their customers”

    “CloudSense is proud to be enabling News Corp Australia to deliver the right experience for their customers. The NewsXtend digital marketing sales and solutions group will now be able to configure, price and quote quickly and then effectively manage the sale and the customer relationship throughout its entire lifecycle and across all key systems,” says Richard Britton, CloudSense CEO.