Cogeco Connexion select CloudSense to provide faster sales and a personalized customer experience

Amazing customer experience

Increased speed and accuracy

Eliminate manual processes


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Cogeco Connexion has selected CloudSense to deliver an amazing customer experience using Configure Price Quote (CPQ), Order Management and Contract Lifecycle Management, including authoring, negotiation and eSignature.

Cogeco Connexion’s services are powered by a strong and reliable fibre-powered network that provides exceptional speed and quality for customers using Data, Voice, Managed Services and Video solutions.

Along with providing the latest technology, Cogeco Connexion is committed to delivering an exceptional experience for businesses – both today and in the future. However, as every technology organization knows, satisfying customer expectations is becoming harder as they rise in line with their continually increasing connectivity.

Revolutionizing sales through digital transformation

To ensure they exceed customer expectations in the coming years, Cogeco Connexion is embarking on a digital transformation project to revolutionize the way they sell.

Through this transformation, Cogeco Connexion will improve their business users' experience by migrating from legacy platforms. To replace their legacy platforms, and optimize their sales cycle, Cogeco Connexion have selected CloudSense's Salesforce-native platform.

Delivering a 360-degree view of customers

Cogeco Connexion is already a Salesforce Sales Cloud user, by selecting CloudSense they will extend their Salesforce capabilities, ensuring they make the most of their investment in the CRM software.

The single platform CloudSense provides will help Cogeco Connexion to eliminate manual processes – making sales and contract renewals faster and more accurate. CloudSense will give Cogeco Connexion’s sales team a 360-degree view of the customer, enabling them to identify relevant up and cross-sell opportunities and provide customers a personalized experience.

Next-generation Contract Lifecycle Management will alert sales to upcoming customer renewal opportunities, ensuring customers are contacted at the right moment and maximizing Cogeco Connexion’s customer lifetime value.

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We can sell faster and more accurately with CloudSense

Antoine Shiu, Vice President Sales Business Solutions, Cogeco Connexion, commented “We were impressed by the flexibility and functionality the CloudSense platform provides. With CloudSense we can sell faster and more accurately to our business users, enabling Cogeco Connexion to go beyond customer expectations by providing a truly amazing customer experience.”

“With CloudSense we can sell faster and more accurately to our business users, enabling Cogeco Connexion to go beyond customer expectations by providing a truly amazing customer experience.”

Antoine Shiu
Vice President Sales Business Solutions, Cogeco Connexion

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“We were put at ease by CloudSense’s knowledge and experience with the complex processes that are part and parcel in our industry.”

Ted SmithVP of Engineering and Operations, Cogeco Peer 1


Team members are working on more than double the number of opportunities per day.

Sales productivity up 148%.


“Our people were impressed with CloudSense’s consistent advice and use of best practice from its design authority board and how R&D was linked to the implementation so CloudSense could scale alongside VodafoneZiggo.”

Danielle De HaesEnterprise CRM Manager