Customer Service

Exceed customer expectations with every interaction

Give your customers consistently exceptional experiences on every channel – and reduce your costs in the process.

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Convenient self-service

Reduce call-centre overheads and give your customers the control they crave with convenient self-care.

Empower your agents

Give your service agents complete visibility of customer data right from order submission. Offer seamless subscriber experiences with automated renewals and in-flight changes.

Personalized customer experiences

Provide personalized offers across the customer journey and reduce average handling times and case times with relevant customer information at your agents’ fingertips. 

Liquid Telecom

“The CloudSense platform supplies the transparency, standardization and automation we need on Salesforce to provide a truly joined-up experience – from sales through to delivery and beyond for our customers.”

Raoul Du Plessis

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360º customer view

Get full visibility of customers across the platform and your channels.

Analytics and reporting

Manage everything from a single dashboard for accurate and efficient sales and service. 


Give customers the convenience of self-service while reducing your reliance on your call center.

Intelligent recommendations

Never miss another cross or up-sell opportunity – deliver the right offer, at the right time.

Automated renewals

Reduce churn by automating renewals with optimized plan options.

Data flow

Make data re-entry or lost information a thing of the past with automatic data streams.

UPC Switzerland

- Data visibility sits at 99% across the company, up from 30%.

- Contract quote time reduced by 83.3%

- Document creation to send time reduced by 80%

- Customer approval time cut from 3 days to 15 minutes

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The 5 staples of convenient digital self-service

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