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Contract Management software on Salesforce

Create, negotiate, sign and manage all your sales contracts in one place and get to “Closed Won" faster.


Full visibility & control of sales contracts on the world’s #1 CRM

Equip your sales teams with self-service tools that save your legal department time through automated end-to-end contract lifecycle management; from creation, redlining and approvals to signature, obligation management and renewal.
CloudSense makes it easy to finalize all your sales contracts in one place, so you can close deals faster, keep track of commitments and renew contracts with ease.

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Full control and visibility of all contracts 

Track the status of contracts in real-time, with version control, audit trails and full reporting, to identify and remove bottlenecks.

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Shorten sales cycles & close deals faster

Generate dynamic contracts automatically from quotes, with pre-approved self-service templates and clauses from your legal department.

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Fully integrated with advanced features

Benefit from e-signatures, advanced user permissions, offline contract generation, plus seamless integration with your sales and order management software.


See CloudSense Contract Management in action

To meet your customers’ demands, you need a commercial Product Catalog that can build, centralize and manage your whole product range – while understanding business rules and interdependent products.


Minimize human error with the most advanced
CLM solution on Salesforce

CloudSense is 100% Salesforce native and allows you to go from quote to contract seamlessly, without having to leave the platform. The CloudSense contract management solution gives you maximum control and full visibility of all your contracts in once place, ensuring your contracts are kept secure and compliant, while supercharging efficiency. With several key features, such as e-signature, intelligent approval workflows, automated alerts and notifications, and version control, our contract management solution for Salesforce is the only tool you need.

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Ensure 100% compliance and reduce legal risk

Create self-service contract templates and clauses with pre-approved legal language, and maintain a full audit trail 

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Finalize contracts faster and sell more

Generate dynamic contracts automatically from quotes with data driven clauses, without requiring legal assistance

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Shorten sales cycles & increase renewal rates

Identify and eliminate bottlenecks with in-depth reporting, to shorten sales cycles & maximize revenue

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Set advanced user permissions to maintain complete control

Manage who can view, edit or approve contracts with role-based permissions for internal and external users

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Supercharge productivity & improve collaboration

Automatically notify users of pending actions, deadlines, renewals and expiration dates

Why choose CloudSense for contract management? 95% of users say we are critical to their success 

Read the full 2023 ITRG buyer experience report to learn more about how our customers rate us. 
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Empower your teams to collaborate & close more deals

Equip your sales teams with self-service tools and save your legal department time through automated end-to-end contract lifecycle management – from creation, redlining and approvals to signature, obligation management and renewal.

  • Sales - shorten sales cycles and close deals faster
  • Legal - automate compliance without slowing down deals
  • Finance - protect your bottom line and reduce revenue leakage
  • IT - eliminate the need for multiple applications

Discover 6 key benefits of automated contracts

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Over 100 successful transformations carried out for some of the worlds largest companies

"Validations and contract templates are generated automatically, giving our back offices less manual work. CloudSense enables our partners to sell more and automation has cut our lead-to-order time by 25%."
Danielle de Haes, Enterprise CRM Manager

"CloudSense has seamlessly extended Salesforce, enabling us to improve our accuracy and provide a joined-up, customer-centric service all the way from quotes and the delivery of orders, right through to our e-commerce offering."
Natalie Davies, Head of Customer Experience

"From what we saw, CloudSense wouldn't be just a vendor, but a partner. This combined with the flexibility offered by the CloudSense platform, was the most important factor in us deciding to go for CloudSense."

Marvin Walstra, Manager of Back Office Systems

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