CloudSense tablet CPQ on Salesforce

Salesforce native Omnichannel Commerce

  • Configure Price Quote, Order Management and eCommerce
  • Sell anything from simple products to sophisticated subscriptions
  • Sell across any channel with online, field, retail, reseller and telephone sales
  • Sell fast, easily and accurately to transform sales effectiveness
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Scalable, reliable and secure. CloudSense Platforms are built on: Salesforce

  • Larger dealsLarger deal size
  • Shorter sales cycleShorter sales cycle
  • Smarter subscriptionsSmarter subscriptions
  • Reduced ErrorsReduced errors
  • Quicker product launchesQuicker Launches
  • Joined up across multiple channelsJoined up channels

Our sales people are now able to offer multiple proposals and quotations effortlessly, using different parameters, providing the customer with a wider choice of options than before. The customer experience is much improved.

Making the complex simple

CPQ for call centers

On the telephone

Next generation Configure Price Quote software for your Business salespeople and Call centers. Sell fast, easily and accurately within Salesforce to transform sales effectiveness

CPQ with eCommerce


Powerful eCommerce to drive your web shop and existing customer self serve. Self-serve CPQ online to unify channels and product catalog. Higher sales, increased flexibility and lower costs.

CPQ app for mobile sales

In the field

Sell anywhere with mobile workforce Configure Price Quote iPad app. No internet connection needed. Give your sales team up-to-date information on the appointment, customer and products.

Mobile Field Sales
CPQ across multiple platforms

Across every channel

Online, through partners or in store. The customer purchase journey is optimized with a single product catalogue across all sales channels; customers end up with one order and one bill.

Commerce platform
Subscription management


Ongoing services need ongoing selling. Selling one or more subscriptions is just the start of the sales and revenue journey for a customer. Selling more and changing between subscriptions is frictionless for more effective sales and a clean customer experience.

Subscription management
Configure pricing


Quickly and easily configure options to create the right offer and eliminate errors. Combine different products and services to maximize order value. Guided sell ensures quick & accurate orders.

Optimised pricing


Control and optimize your pricing to increase prospect conversion and optimize margin. Set pricing rules and offers, authorize discounts, report on performance and follow different pricing models.

Pricing management
Optimising contracts

Quoting and contracts

Automatically create accurate and clear quotes and contracts for your prospects. Define authorization processes to ensure changes are approved. Speed up sales by customers signing electronically.

Contract management

With industry platforms for Quote-to-Cash

The CloudSense Commerce platform delivers transformational sales effectiveness for companies configuring, pricing and quoting products and services from simple sales to sophisticated subscriptions.

Go to Commerce Platform

The CloudSense Telecoms platform enables Communications providers to increase sales and reduce overheads. Optimized for the full breadth of products from MPLS to over the top digital.

Go to Telecoms Platform

The CloudSense Media Platform provides cross media ad booking management and content subscription sales natively on Salesforce with live integrations to ad servers.

Go to Media Platform