Marketplace Integration

Start your journey to becoming a marketplace provider

CloudSense can help telcos and techcos get ahead of industry trends and seamlessly integrate with a marketplace to sell SaaS, IaaS, and XaaS products.



CloudSense makes it easier to sell SaaS, IaaS, and XaaS products from multiple vendors

The Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) market is expected to grow with a CAGR of 24.8% between 2021-2027. B2B telcos and techcos need to capitalize on this by becoming DSPs (Digital Service Providers).

Automate subscription management, vendor and reseller onboarding, procurement, fulfillment and billing, and take the complexity out of global distribution - whatever the channel - with CloudSense. 

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Create and/or launch your own digital catalog to expand offerings and enable ARPU growth.

Then offer a catalog of solutions at scale, and automate ordering and fulfillment.

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Launch your XaaS-enabled marketplace.

Efficiently distribute bundles across your focus OpCos through a unified system, dramatically reducing TCO.

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Expand & Scale

Offer bundles including hardware, software and services for cybersecurity, IoT, productivity and networking bundles.

Expand to more complex and higher value cloud offerings.

Benefits of using CloudSense to power your marketplace integration

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Add 300+ XaaS subscription solutions to existing products and services

Publish both first- and third-party solutions within the CloudBlue catalog

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Automated fulfillment empowers scalability without exponentially increasing labor costs

Seamless automation between CloudBlue Connect, CloudSense and vendors ensures that customer orders are easily fulfilled

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Marketplace platform is directly accessible from within the CloudSense interface

Customer sales agents don’t need to access two separate systems, avoiding “swivel chair” processes

Ready to expand and scale-up? Start your journey to becoming a digital service provider with CloudSense


Marketplaces offer a way for telcos to expand their B2B value offering beyond connectivity, and unlock new revenue streams. In this short demo, we'll show you how easy it is to consume a catalog from the CloudBlue marketplace and sell products online using CloudSense.

  • CloudSense integrates directly with the  CloudBlue marketplace
  • Sell add-ons and bundle products such as protection plans and subscriptions

Discover the essentials to launching and integrating a B2B marketplace 

CloudSense and Infosys have teamed up to produce a guide exploring how to set up and maintain a successful telco marketplace, as well as how to ensure the best customer experience.

Read this guide to B2B Marketplaces, to learn:

  • The 4 key building blocks for successful marketplaces
  • How to stay on top once your marketplace is up and running
  • How to integrate a marketplace into an omnichannel B2B customer experience

How to set up and maintain a successful telco marketplace

Download free guide

Over 100 successful transformations carried out for some of the worlds largest companies

"With the CloudSense platform we can rapidly introduce sophisticated new solutions and product bundles using a simple user interface, modelling and deployment tools with a single product catalog."
Brendan O’Rourke,

8% increase in amount of products attached to orders

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"Order management processes have saved time, reduced errors and cut costs whilst improving the customer journey - in fact, order fulfillment time has dropped by 94%.”
Natalie Davies,
Head of Customer Experience

94% reduction in order fulfillment time

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"We not only use the CloudSense platform for the creation of sales orders and booking orders, we use it for creating invoices. The invoicing details are then sent across to our finance system - closing the end-to-end loop."

Marvin Walstra,
Manager of Back Office Systems

Product launch cut from 2 weeks to 1 hour

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Ready to become a Digital Service Provider?

Please send us a message to discuss your requirements in more detail. We'd be more than happy to talk you through our solution and answer any specific questions that you might have, as well as explain how we can specifically help your business transform its portfolio.

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