Introducing CloudSense's latest solution: Telco One
NEW! Future-proofevery stage of the concept-to-cash-lifecycle with Telco One: ourcomprehensive solution for enterprise telcos
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Speed. Simplicity. Value.

Telco One is CloudSense's comprehensive solution for enterprise telcos, techcos, CSPs and MSPs, and has been purpose-built to optimize and future-proof every stage of the concept-to-cash lifecycle.

Sell more, faster, with CloudSense Telco One


Go to market

3x sooner


Increase sales

by 24%


Improve order accuracy

by 79%

Powering some of the world's largest telecommunications companies

What is Telco One?

The culmination of CloudSense's 12+ years' experience in the telecommunications space, Telco One is a comprehensive Commercial Order Management solution that is purpose-built to meet the requirements of today's enterprise-level telcos, techcos and managed service providers.

With fully-defined and document high-level and technical design, Telco One integrates Product Catalog, Configure Price Quote (CPQ) engine, Order Management and Contract Management systems all in one place to create a seamless concept-to-cash B2B sales process.


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    Sell more, faster

    Prototype driven design and requirement means faster time to value.

    • Ability to plan more accurately
    • More resources available to help with CloudSense, e.g. partners concentrate on bringing business value to the customer



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    Streamline processes

    Easy to implement, support and maintain with less disruptive upgrades.

    • Pre configured solution
    • Provides a defined, designed and a reference implementation of an end-to-end solution for Telecoms



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    See benefits sooner

    Faster time to value will mean a lower TCO for the project.

    • Eliminate complexities in implementation
    • Fewer FTEs are required to support the business
    • Benefit from direct cost savings

A modern solution for enterprise businesses

Telco One delivers the operational speed and insight enterprise B2B telcos, techcos and MSPs need, with an implementation that is faster, lower risk and less costly than any alternative.

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Launch products sooner

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Quote more

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Plan more

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Deliver value

How Telco One can help your business succeed

If you want to find operational savings and tap into faster routes to revenue growth, then Telco One could be the solution. Purpose-built for today's digital-first communication businesses, our end-to-end solution can help with:

Tick - Icon - GreenDeal scoring - dynamic deal scoring helps you prioritise the deals that will be most profitable

Tick - Icon - GreenRevenue forecasting - get full visibility of when revenue will reach your accounts

Tick - Icon - GreenPipeline forecasting - accurately track what's in the order bank and how long it's been there

Tick - Icon - GreenComprehensive reporting - see the full picture and understand the cause of any delays

Tick - Icon - GreenCustomer satisfaction - improve your NPS score by understanding and resolving common issues


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A comprehensive suite of functions 

Telco One is capable of handling the highest levels of scale and complexity and future-proofs your business by providing advanced B2B capabilities that are vital to stay ahead of industry developments, including:

Tick - Icon - GreenPre-built user journeys

Tick - Icon - GreenQuick quoting capability

Tick - Icon - GreenBuilt-in address management

Tick - Icon - GreenMulti-site service qualification

Tick - Icon - GreenAdvanced deal profitability analysis

Tick - Icon - GreenFrame agreement management

Tick - Icon - GreenLarge order support

Tick - Icon - GreenQuote variations

Tick - Icon - GreenIn-life subscription changes

Tick - Icon - GreenMarketplace integration

Tick - Icon - GreenThird-party quoting (BOM)

Tick - Icon - GreenBulk subscriber management

Tick - Icon - GreenIn-flight order changes

Tick - Icon - GreenNovation


Seamless, low-risk digital transformation

CloudSense has been executing successful business transformation projects for enterprise-level telcos worldwide for over 12 years.

Telco One comes with fully-defined and documented high-level and technical design, meaning implementation is low in risk, while delivering value fast.

Learn more about CloudSenses philosophy of simplification in the on-demand webinar below:


Customer success stories


  • 60% reduction in order fulfilment time 
  • 24% increase in partner sales
  • 40% improvement in service delivery reliability
  • 25% reduction in lead to order time


  • 3.5x faster concept-to-market time
  • 79% improvement in order accuracy
  • 11 weeks go-live for all products
  • Cut sales agent time by 5,865 mins per month

Solutions for all segments

B2C & SoHo

Be first to market, grow your subscriber base and serve up seamless omnichannel experiences.



Speed and scale to sell enterprise-level solutions, including multi-site networks, mobility solutions and security services.



CloudSense’s CPQ helps cloud, service, applications and hardware suppliers sell more, faster and more effectively.


Glossary of terms

What does CSP stand for?

CSP is the acronym for Communications Service Provider. 

CSPs provide telecommunications, media, entertainment and other services over the network infrastructure, transporting information electronically.

You can download our free definitive guide for modern communications service providers here.

MSP (Managed Service Provider)

As B2B Telecommunications businesses evolve to keep up with new technologies, the shift from private cloud to public cloud, as well as elevated customer expectations re. agility and the capacity to incorporate new technologies quickly, Managed Service Providers, who are capable of consolidating disparate tech strands into a single package, are quickly taking center stage.

Learn why Managed Service Providers rely on CloudSense to deliver sales transformation.


Marketplaces are an increasingly powerful avenue to revenue growth for CSPs, allowing them to expand their range of products and offerings beyond mere connectivity to include third-party goods and services. 

Learn how to build a successful marketplace.

OSS (Operation Support System)
OSS is the acronym for Operation Support System. OSS covers the software and hardware used by Telecommunications Service Providers to monitor, control and manage their networks.
BSS (Business Support System)
BSS is the acronym for Business Support Systems. BSS are the customer-facing systems and channels Communications Service Providers rely on to sell and fulfill their products and services. 
SOHO (Small Office Home Office)
SOHO stands for Small Office Home Office; the term is used in Telecommunications to describe small businesses with up to 10 employees.
MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching)
MPLS is a type of data-carrying technique for high-performance Telecommunications networks that directs data from one network node to the next, based on short path labels rather than long network addresses, avoiding complex lookups in a routing table.
NPS (Net Promoter Score)

NPS stands for Net Promoter Score, the benchmark used in Telecommunications and other industries to measure how likely customers are to recommend your business to a friend.

NPS measures customer experience by asking a series of questions that should be answered on a scale of 1-10. 

For example, how likely is it you would recommend [company] to a friend?


ARPU stands for Average Revenue Per User.

Revenue generated per user is a useful way for companies to track growth. 

Calculation: Total revenue ÷ Number of subscribers.


AOV is the acronym for Average Order Value.

AOV tracks the average amount of money each customer spends per transaction with your company.

Calculation: Total revenue ÷ Amount of orders

SLA stands for Service Level Agreement, the agreement between a service provider and the customer defining the expectations of the service. These agreements vary between providers and vendors.

MACD stands for Moves, additions, changes, deletions. 

It refers to the process of updating and changing IT assets to keep them functional for users or customers.


ETF is the acronym for Early termination fee.

This is a fee for ending your contract or long-term agreement before the designated end date. 

For example, if your phone contract is 24 months, but you want to end the contract at 18 months, you’ll more than likely be charged an ETF.

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