Order Fulfillment

Reduce order fulfillment time by over 90%

CloudSense orchestrates every step of your order fulfillment process, making delivery faster and more efficient, while eliminating errors and reducing costs.



Increase operational efficiency and spend less time on order dropout and error correction

Order fulfillment has always been a pain point for the communications industry, with ever-volatile market conditions further complicating the process. B2B telcos, CSPs and techcos need to discover new methods to overcome obstacles in the process.

Would your finance and operations teams benefit from reliable and accurate billing of all products, services and subscriptions in an order?
CloudSense not only speeds up fulfillment time through automation, it can also help eliminate errors and remove the need for manual order submissions, increasing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Automate and streamline orders

CloudSense orchestrates every aspect of your order fulfillment, eliminating manual work. The result? Fewer errors, happier customers and no lost revenue.

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Control and enable in-flight change requests

Tired of in-flight changes holding up your orders? With CloudSense, you can easily update orders in real time, without needing to start from scratch.

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Combine orders from different channels

Improve customer experience by joining together different sales channels, meaning that customers will only get one order and one bill for a seamless experience.

Create, fulfil and manage complex orders with ease

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Enrich each order for smooth fulfillment

Enhance orders with more detail to speed up fulfillment and ensure accurate delivery

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Separate each element of an order

Start the automated handover process from sale to order immediately, without manually re-entering data in multiple systems

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Orchestrate the entire fulfillment process

CloudSense coordinates every aspect of your order fulfillment, making your delivery process faster and more efficient


Centralized system for all your order information

Get insights into your customers' orders, manage changes over time and never miss out on a renewal or cross-sell opportunity

Eliminate errors and remove the need for manual order submissions by automating fulfillment


In this short demo, using the example of a customer purchasing an iPhone, along with additional services, we show you how the CloudSense platform captures the order automatically in Salesforce, and automates the entire order to fulfillment process for a telecommunications company. We also demonstrate how easy it is to make in-flight changes to an order, without disrupting the fulfillment process.

What are the common causes of order fallout?

Order fallout refers to orders that encounter problems or fail during fulfillment. Orders need to traverse multiple stages and systems for fulfillment and provisioning, leaving room for failure. 

We've put together a guide exploring:

  • Why does order fallout happen
  • How to prevent order fallout
  • The importance of streamlining your OMS

Read our guide to preventing order fallout

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Over 100 successful transformations carried out for some of the worlds largest companies

"With the CloudSense platform we can rapidly introduce sophisticated new solutions and product bundles using a simple user interface, modelling and deployment tools with a single product catalog."
Brendan O’Rourke,

8% increase in amount of products attached to orders

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"CloudSense enables our internal and external partners to sell more, easily. By automating our sales processes our lead-to-order time is cut by 25%."
Danielle de Haes,
Enterprise CRM Manager

Lead-to-order time reduced by 25%

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With CloudSense, A1 Telekom Austria can configure its larger sophisticated B2B deals faster, processing 7,000 products in 8 minutes. A1 Telekom Austria can now deliver 4 B2B journeys in only 3 months.


Customer offers configured up to 3x faster

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Ready to streamline and automate your order fulfillment?

Please send us a message to discuss your requirements in more detail. We'd be more than happy to talk you through our solution and answer any specific questions that you might have, as well as explain how we can specifically help your business transform its sales processes.

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