About CloudSense

We empower ambitious enterprises to thrive


About CloudSense 

The CloudSense CPQ engine powers increased productivity and profits for ambitious enterprises. Our CPQ is complemented by Product Catalog, Order Management, Contract Management, Document Generation and Digital Commerce. Combined, the applications help businesses launch faster, sell more and fulfill products faultlessly for the entire customer lifecycle.

We empower successful Communications, Media and Utilities companies to grow. Our customers go to market in a third of the time, sell four times faster, increase sales by 24% and deliver eight times faster, with a 79% improvement in order accuracy. 

Since starting out in 2009, CloudSense has grown at a remarkable rate. Today we employ more than 350 people, across 12 offices spanning Europe, the U.S. and Asia Pacific. 

Our story

CloudSense wasn’t started by software veterans looking to make a quick buck from the next wave of technology. It wasn’t started by people far removed from the realities of working day in, day out at a real company.

CloudSense was started by people like you. 

Our four founders met in 2009, working side by side to turnaround the fortunes of a faltering Communications provider. Richard, Alex, Davor and Fawzi spent two years on a journey to empower their colleagues to achieve their vision of thriving again. 

The company needed to grow revenue, be more efficient, innovate freely and give customers and employees a more convenient experience. But disconnected and difficult to change systems meant it was time for a new approach.

What potential software vendors lacked in functionality, they made up for in promises. Every vendor was focused on making the sale, but not on building a real partnership that delivered success. They didn’t stand behind their product; they weren’t invested in the business thriving and – when things got tough – they didn’t provide the right support.

Our founders didn’t think it was right that a great company could decline, and people lose their careers, because they’d been sold technology that didn’t do what it promised.

They realized it was time for change. Time for a new kind of software company.

  • A company built on mutual success, won through honest partnerships. 
  • A company built to solve the difficult use cases, and designed for ongoing services. 
  • A company focused on empowering people to achieve their ambitions of growth and success.

It was time for CloudSense.

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