Order & Subscription Management

Automate every aspect of an order for a frictionless customer journey

The CloudSense platform seamlessly captures, automates and fulfils every aspect of an order as soon as a sale has been made, and can help reduce churn by sending automatic renewal emails to customers, with personalized offers.



CloudSense automates the entire order fulfillment process for new orders, subscription changes & renewals

The communications industry has evolved significantly in recent years, with a rapid increase in the number of B2B products and services sold as solutions. As a result, order fulfillment has become increasingly challenging; speed, automation and accuracy are more important than ever to meeting customer expectations. Ambitious businesses cannot afford to fall behind the curve.

CloudSense offers the best-in-class Order and Subscriber Management for service-based businesses in the B2B communications industry.

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Automate and streamline every order

CloudSense orchestrates every aspect of order fulfillment, eliminating manual work. The result? Fewer errors, happier customers and no lost revenue.

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Make in-flight and in-life (MACD) changes

Tired of in-flight changes holding up your orders? New and existing orders can be updated in real time, without disrupting the fulfilment process.

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Automated subscription renewals 

Increase customer loyalty and customer lifetime value with automated renewals, personalized offers and easy, self-service experiences.

Improve customer experience and reduce churn with CloudSense

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Avoid order fallout and revenue leakage

Prevent incorrect subscription changes from being made that can’t be fulfilled, with tight governance and rules

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Improve customer experience and satisfaction

View all customer orders, subscriptions, services and a history of changes in one place

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Increase revenue and renewals, whilst reducing churn

Engage with customers knowing their experiences and needs, to have more informed conversations

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Simplify changes for service agents and customers

Call centre and customer service staff can quickly and accurately make subscription changes on behalf of customers

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Improve the accuracy of information sent to other departments

Clearly define the information sent to provisioning and billing teams and ensure only valid changes can be made

Make it easier for customers to renew their B2B subscriptions using automation and personalization


In this short demo, you can see how CloudSense captures a new order automatically in Salesforce, automates the entire fulfillment process, and how to easily make in-flight changes without disrupting the fulfillment process.

  • Order decomposition and orchestration
  • View daily tasks in an intuitive dashboard
  • Automate customer renewals
  • Renew and upgrade customer subscriptions

What your OMS needs to do for your customers

Order Management refers to the actions a business undertakes from when a potential order is first created, to the moment a customer receives their desired product or service.

Businesses are increasingly sophisticated in the products and services they sell, as well as offering an increasingly diverse range to pick and choose from. Order management systems are an increasingly important addition to businesses that allow:

  • Automation of processes
  • Reduction in errors
  • Tracking and visibility of order

Order Management explained in 8 steps

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Over 100 successful transformations carried out for some of the worlds largest companies

"With the CloudSense platform we can rapidly introduce sophisticated new solutions and product bundles using a simple user interface, modelling and deployment tools with a single product catalog."
Brendan O’Rourke,

8% increase in amount of products attached to orders

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"CloudSense enables our internal and external partners to sell more, easily. By automating our sales processes our lead-to-order time is cut by 25%."
Danielle de Haes,
Enterprise CRM Manager

Lead-to-order time reduced by 25%

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With CloudSense, A1 Telekom Austria can configure its larger sophisticated B2B deals faster, processing 7,000 products in 8 minutes. A1 Telekom Austria can now deliver 4 B2B journeys in only 3 months.


Customer offers configured up to 3x faster

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Want to learn how CloudSense can help ensure a smooth and frictionless customer experience?

Please send us a message to discuss your requirements in more detail. We'd be more than happy to talk you through our solution and answer any specific questions that you might have, as well as explain how we can specifically help your business transform its sales processes.

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