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How VodafoneZiggo sells anywhere, anytime with CloudSense




reduction in lead-to-order time



improvement in delivery reliability



increase in channel partner sales

The background 

VodafoneZiggo is a Dutch company that provides fixed, mobile and integrated communication and entertainment services to consumers and businesses.

The driving force behind Dutch digitization, VodafoneZiggo’s aim is to deliver fun and progress with every connection. To ensure it delivers on this ambition, VodafoneZiggo undertook a digital reinvention program to replace its CPQ provider and transform its end-to-end B2B sales processes.

VodafoneZiggo selected CloudSense’s proven platform to provide the functionality it needed to make seamless sales on Salesforce through CPQ, Product Catalog, Contract Management and the mobile app, CloudSense Anywhere.

We talked to Danielle de Haes, VodafoneZiggo’s Enterprise CRM Manager, about the drivers for the project, the selection process and how CloudSense has helped VodafoneZiggo revolutionize its sales for both internal and external partners.

The drivers for change

First Danielle explained the challenges VodafoneZiggo faced that compelled the Dutch communications giant to replace its CPQ provider.

Disrupted integrations

VodafoneZiggo’s previous CPQ provider was reluctant to adopt Salesforce as a CRM. Danielle described how this issue grew with time.

“From the start integrations with Salesforce weren’t 100% smooth and the roadmap didn’t imply that this would be fixed in the near future.”

“We had matured and developed our CPQ module, but without a clear idea what was sustainable for future. With the disrupted integration we ended up having to perform updates on both sides.”

Not making the most of Salesforce

The CPQ solution became more unstable, less easy to configure and harder to update. This was a drain on resources and barrier to delivering slick sales experiences, it also left VodafoneZiggo unable to make the most of its investment in Salesforce.

“The limited integration meant we couldn’t use Salesforce as much as we wanted to. We couldn’t further develop on the platform or have the strategic partnership we desired,” concluded Danielle.

These issues finally led to VodafoneZiggo searching for a new CPQ solution to make selling as simple as possible for its people and partners.

Remove complexity from the users

From the start, VodafoneZiggo wanted the project to infuse its mission of ‘delivering fun and progress with every connection’, into the sales process for partners and users.

To achieve this, VodafoneZiggo aimed to remove complexity from the users, making it easier to sell through CPQ and automated processes.

As Danielle explained, “Don’t lay the inherent telco complexity on the user. We wanted to make it as easy going as possible for our users and partners with automation. To increase sales by making it easier for users to sell and reducing overheads on orders because it’s simpler and takes less time for back offices to support them.”

Why VodafoneZiggo chose CloudSense

To find the right technology vendor to achieve these goals, VodafoneZiggo undertook an extensive search and rigorous evaluation of potential vendors.

This included exploring a shortlist from Salesforce, talking to other telcos and following up on references from other customers. Danielle outlined the reasons CloudSense came out on top as the preferred vendor for VodafoneZiggo:

Proven telco experience

VodafoneZiggo wasn’t a greenfield implementation so they needed a vendor with proven tele-
communications-specific experience and knowledge.

Enterprise expertise

Competing vendors couldn’t handle the complexity of VodafoneZiggo’s contract templates, approval flows and discount structures. CloudSense offered this functionality out-of-the-box.

Reliable results

Ziggo had already successfully deployed CloudSense in the Liberty Global Catalyst program, prior to its merger with Vodafone.

Working with a trusted partner 

Danielle noted how VodafoneZiggo’s people were also impressed with CloudSense’s “consistent advice and use of best practice from its design authority board and how R&D was linked to the implementation so CloudSense could scale alongside VodafoneZiggo.”

Making complex sales easy with CloudSense & Salesforce

With CloudSense’s Salesforce-native intelligent commerce platform VodafoneZiggo now has a single integrated platform for its B2B sales, all on Salesforce.

Real-time visibility of products and services

CloudSense’s CPQ and single commercial product catalog makes VodafoneZiggo’s sales faster and more accurate through automation, and delivers real-time visibility of products and services for sales users.

“We can use CPQ as the automation tool for product configuration for our standardized services sold through our partner community in Salesforce. We can also make exceptions and still have automation in place, making it not only easy for our internal users, but easy for our partners – which is half of our total – to do business with us,” commented Danielle.

Automated Contract Management

CloudSense’s Contract Lifecycle Management reduces the workload further in the back office.

“Validations and contract templates are generated automatically, giving our back offices less manual work. And, with CPQ, automation and standardized orders you can also support the back offices further by provisioning automatically from our products.”

Selling across channels

With CloudSense’s mobile app, VodafoneZiggo can now also sell across all its B2B channels, from anywhere.

“The CloudSense Anywhere app is used across VodafoneZiggo’s entire B2B community, including telesales, door to door sales and non-B2B departments that support order fulfillment.”

“CloudSense enables our internal and external partners to sell more, easily”

The project to reinvent VodafoneZiggo’s B2B sales is set to have an ongoing positive impact at the company.

The problems that stemmed from VodafoneZiggo’s previous CPQ solution are already a thing of the past. The leaders in Dutch digitization can now make the most of Salesforce with CloudSense.

With a single integrated platform, data can flow unobstructed, removing the constant need to synchronize databases – eliminating the constraints Vodafone Ziggo had updating and configuring its CPQ. What’s more, the reinvented sales process brings ease and progress to VodafoneZiggo’s users and partners, and delivers vastly improved business results.

Lead-to-order time cut by 25%


Delivery reliability improved by up to 40%

24% increase in channel partner sales

“CloudSense enables our internal and external partners to sell more, easily. By automating our sales processes our lead-to-order time is cut by 25%. This could be doubled by adding end-to-end automation across all our product combinations and adding the likes of order and subscription management,” said Danielle.

The reinvented sales platform will also ensure VodafoneZiggo continues to deliver an exceptional customer experience:

“Increased accuracy will see VodafoneZiggo living up to our customer promise and improving delivery reliability by up to 40%. So our customers won’t just benefit from faster sales, but a better experience,” concluded Danielle.

"CloudSense enables our internal and external partners to sell more, easily. By automating our sales processes our lead-to-order time is cut by 25%."

Danielle de Haes, Enterprise CRM Manager, VodafoneZiggo 

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