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Enterprise Product Catalog on Salesforce

Launch and innovate faster with a centralized, flexible Product Catalog that can handle all your products, services, pricing and business rules.


Go to market 3x faster
Cut product launch time from weeks to hours 

Launch new products at unprecedented speed with the CloudSense product catalog, which fully integrates with your commercial order management and CPQ systems, enabling you to manage all your products, services, pricing and business rules from a single platform.

Configure all your product data through our simple user interface and make products available to sales in just a few clicks.

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Launch new
products to market faster

Define and roll out new products and services at speed with clicks and configuration – not hard code and customization.

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Bundle complex products and services with ease

Create static or dynamic bundles across your portfolio – including products, services, subscriptions and 3rd-party offerings.

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Adjust pricing and promotions in real time

Make changes and publish new offers, promotions and bundles to any channel in minutes – without IT involvement.


See the CloudSense Product Catalog in action

To meet your customers’ demands, you need a commercial Product Catalog that can build, centralize and manage your whole product range – while understanding business rules and interdependent products.


Cut time to market and bundle anything

CloudSense is 100% Salesforce native and eliminates many of the frustrations found in other solutions on the market. Our product catalog is designed to allow large enterprises to easily configure and bundle complex products on Salesforce, without having to leave the platform. Our enterprise product catalog handles all aspects of product management - from pricing and promotions, to 3rd-party integrations.

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Configure & launch new products faster than ever

No hardcoding or customization required, our intuitive UI is extremely user-friendly

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Bundle anything with our unified product catalog

Create static or dynamic bundles for all your products, services, subscriptions and 3rd party offerings

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End-to-end product lifecycle management

Easily create and manage promotions, discounts, add-ons, bundles from launch to retirement

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Fully integrated with order management & CPQ systems

Configure products and make them available for your sales teams to start selling immediately

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Data-driven rules engine

Ensure 100% order accuracy with built-in eligibility, compatibility and availability rules

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Why choose CloudSense as your commercial product catalog? 95% of CloudSense users say we are critical to their success  


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The essentials of a B2B product catalog

Today's customers demand a greater range of products, delivered faster than ever before – and what’s more, they expect to be able to buy on whichever channel is most convenient to them. Learn how a unified product catalog can help you:

  • Provide the consistent omni-channel experience customers crave
  • Avoid product proliferation with a streamlined product set
  • Increase sales using cross-sells, upsells and bundles
  • Launch products rapidly and diversify at speed

4 reasons you need a unified product catalog

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Over 100 successful transformations carried out for some of the worlds largest companies

"With the CloudSense platform we can rapidly introduce sophisticated new solutions and product bundles using a simple user interface, modelling and deployment tools with a single product catalog."
Brendan O’Rourke, CIO

8% increase in amount of products attached to orders

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"Momentum Energy’s product team can now launch new products quickly, change pricing easily and bundle products using CloudSense’s flexible and unified product catalog, enabling us to go to market quicker."
Natalie Davies, Head of Customer Experience

Product launch time reduced from months to days

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"With the previous system, adding new products used to take two weeks, now with CloudSense it takes an hour. If you have the product defined, within an hour it’s ready to go, so that’s a big plus."

Marvin Walstra, Manager of Back Office Systems

Product launch cut from 2 weeks to an hour 

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