Proven Commerce & Subscriber Management

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Solutions Sales for your teams
Digital Commerce for your customers

CloudSense empowers your people to launch, sell and fulfill faster, and gives your customers and partners convenient buying journeys, forever.

CloudSense is the proven Commerce and Subscriber Management platform, built for high-volume or complex industries. We’re trusted by Communications, Media and Utilities businesses worldwide to launch, sell and fulfill the entire customer journey on Salesforce. 

We make commercial success easier. Our customers go to market in a third of the time, sell four times faster, increase sales by 24% and deliver eight times faster with a 79% improvement in order accuracy.

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How our platform empowers you

Increase conversions with AI-powered commerce

CloudSense’s comprehensive data model captures and stores all commercial data in one place. This pooled data gives you a 360-degree view of your customers that can also be used by embedded AI to power personalized, omnichannel customer experiences.

A persistent shopping cart captures orders on every channel – even when disconnected from the internet, cutting your cart abandonment rate and increasing conversions.

Our 100% Salesforce-native platform uses Salesforce Platform as a Service (PaaS), guaranteeing scale and performance, no matter how complex the configuration or size of basket.

Fast and flexible fulfillment

CloudSense supports the full commerce journey on a single platform, from sales through to ongoing subscription fulfillment.

Our unique rules-based product catalog has decoupled commercial and technology product elements, making it easy to launch offers and promotions, bundle products or update pricing.

Improved efficiency, control and productivity

CloudSense gives you one-of-a-kind drag & drop business process management for long-running complex commercial processes and subscriber Order Management.

Reduce customization and get faster time to value with industry functionality and specific data models for your industry.

Our intuitive role-based guided solution selling interface, coupled with our powerful rules-based configurator, speeds up your sales process with greater relevance and accuracy, for even the most sophisticated solution sales.

Make life more convenient

CloudSense makes life more convenient for your customers, people and partners. Bring together all your commerce on one platform to create a friction-free buying and delivery journey, with apps optimized for every channel.

Make the most of Salesforce

Scalable, reliable and secure. CloudSense is built on

Since day one, the CloudSense platform has been built on Salesforce. We designed our platform to bring you a powerful Commerce and Subscriber Management capability, in apps that complement and enhance each Salesforce Cloud – from Sales and Commerce to Service and Marketing. Our seamless integration with Salesforce provides a single platform, giving you complete visibility of customer data and total control over your commercial lifecycle. CloudSense makes it easy to launch, sell and fulfill the entire customer journey on Salesforce. Cut your adoption time and training costs, innovate faster and deliver convenient experiences for your people and customers.


CloudSense platform key features

Our platform’s proven functionality delivers the commerce experience your customers want and the results your business needs.