Seamless subscriptions
on Salesforce

Subscription Lifecycle Management

Are you ready to capitalize on the booming subscription economy? Today’s customers don’t just want your products, they expect engaging, ongoing experiences – for the entirety of their relationship with your organization. It’s time to turn your sales into subscriptions and your one-time transactions into a recurring profitable relationship with CloudSense.

CloudSense’s end-to-end Subscription Lifecycle Management solution delivers frictionless subscriptions on Salesforce to transform your business model. Your organization is empowered to deliver ongoing value for your customers – giving them the freedom to consume services on-demand, as well as the confidence that comes with full visibility and control over their subscriptions. Subscription Lifecycle Management harnesses the power of CloudSense Configure Price Quote, Sales and Subscription Order Management, Product Catalog, Entitlement and Self-Service capabilities to give your organization next-generation subscription capabilities.



Maximize customer lifetime value with intelligent subscriptions



Manage complex end-to-end subscriptions