Campaign Monitoring & Ad Server Integration

Sell, optimize and monitor campaign performance with an integrated solution

Integrate with the systems your teams use every day, including ad servers, billing, ERP and fulfillment systems.



Create a best-in-class tech stack to automate quoting, delivery, reporting and billing

Connecting to systems like Google Ad Manager, CloudSense gives you a complete picture between booked, delivered and actuals in one place. Sales, AdOps and campaign managers can check inventory availability, book and push orders to ad servers automatically, then track and optimize campaigns with performance data flowing back in real time – making fulfillment and reporting light work.

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For AdOps

AdOps users can amend any active, scheduled or drafted order, and alter start dates across multiple line items of different product channel types.

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For sales

Sales representatives have real time visibility of any unsold inventory, so they know exactly what is available to sell and what areas to target.

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For finance

Give finance a live view of the performance of all campaigns so under- or over-delivering ad lines,  can be efficiently tied back into revenue forecasts.

Simplify and automate your end-to-end ad sales lifecycle

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Real-time availability checks and performance gathering

Bidirectional ad server integration

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Out-of-the-Box integration with Google Ad Manager

Configure into any downstream fulfilment system, with plug and play support for Google Ad Manager

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Generate a single I/O & one invoice for multiple products

Streamline workflows from proposal to billing

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Centralize order, performance & revenue reporting

Automate revenue recognition

Why CloudSense is different

With 12+ years of experience delivering digital transformation, CloudSense marshals expert knowledge of Product Management and Order Management in media to meet the specific goals of media organizations and publishers. 

CloudSense enables businesses to:

  • Analyze and crunch large data sets in real time
  • Support complex campaign selling
  • Streamline and optimize sales and order management processes to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction

What makes CloudSense different from other solutions?

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See the CloudSense Product Catalog in action

To meet your customers’ demands, you need a commercial Product Catalog that can build, centralize and manage your whole product range – while understanding business rules and interdependent products.


Over 100 successful transformations carried out for some of the worlds largest companies

“Without CloudSense, we wouldn’t be able to make informed decisions around our sales pipeline or report in real time. We’d be back to ad hoc reports in DFP and comparing those to the billing system of record and waiting till the end of the month to close out for everyone to get the numbers.”

James Kober

Senior Director of Advertising Product and Technology

"With the previous system, adding new products used to take two weeks, now with CloudSense it takes an hour. If you have the product defined, within an hour it’s ready to go, so that’s a big plus."


Marvin Walstra

Manager of Back Office Systems

Product launch cut from 2 weeks to an hour 

"Since we introduced CloudSense, we have a more efficient and user-friendly interface that helped us to simplify the sales rep multimedia order entry, and easily adapts to our evolving needs."


Daniele Rocchi

Sales Support & Solutions


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