A single interface for your end-to-end campaign management

Unify your sales, AdOps and finance teams in a single system to manage, book, sell and deliver cross-media campaigns.



Take the pain out of campaign planning no matter the scale or complexity

For media businesses struggling with complex use cases, CloudSense provides full control over products and campaign services and offers full visibility of all inventory, turning campaign planning into a smooth running machine, that boosts revenue by minimizing make-goods and manages under delivery or unsold inventory efficiently, and enabling companies to scale workflows.

If your business is struggling with legacy systems, swivel chair processes and efficiency issues, CloudSense can give your product, sales and marketing teams the freedom to continually innovate, grow revenue and reduce costs.

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Combine multiple cross-campaign products - from simple to complex - into commercial offerings within predefined rules.

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Ensure accurate pricing, mediating offers, discounting and other rules, no matter the campaign configuration.

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Generate quotes quickly with prices that are both fair to the advertiser and profitable for your business.

Cut sales cycle time by 70% while boosting deal conversion and average order value

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End-to-end integration

Single platform consolidates and governs all operational processes and eliminates rekeying of data

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Real-time availability checks and performance gathering

Visibility of contending bookings to maximize revenues and reduce unsold inventory

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Campaign optimization

Consolidated campaign metrics highlight areas of risk, alerting user of under performing campaigns

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Control and auditability

Full control over pricing and margins with user permissions, discount rules, and approvals

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Connect your entire Adtech stack

Bring your data together in one place and streamline workflows between systems with our pre-built connectors to ad servers, exchanges and analytics platforms

Why CloudSense is different

With 12+ years of experience delivering digital transformation, CloudSense marshals expert knowledge of Product Management and Order Management in media to meet the specific goals of media organizations and publishers. 

CloudSense enables businesses to:

  • Analyze and crunch large data sets in real time
  • Support complex campaign selling
  • Streamline and optimize sales and order management processes to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction

What makes CloudSense different from other solutions?

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Over 100 successful transformations carried out for some of the worlds largest companies

“Without CloudSense, we wouldn’t be able to make informed decisions around our sales pipeline or report in real time. We’d be back to ad hoc reports in DFP and comparing those to the billing system of record and waiting till the end of the month to close out for everyone to get the numbers.”

James Kober

Senior Director of Advertising Product and Technology

"We not only use the CloudSense platform for the creation of sales orders and booking orders, we use it for creating invoices. The invoicing details are then sent across to our finance system - closing the end-to-end loop."


Marvin Walstra

Manager of Back Office Systems

Product launch cut from 2 weeks to 1 hour

"Since we introduced CloudSense, we have a more efficient and user-friendly interface, that helped us to simplify the sales rep multimedia order entry, and easily adapts to our evolving business needs."

Daniele Rocchi

Sales Support & Solutions

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