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Sales & Order Management Software for Media companies

Order and subscription management for forward-thinking publishers

Today's media ad sales landscape is highly competitive and moving faster every year. To succeed, publishers need an Order Management System (OMS) that can handle complex campaigns and efficiently deliver them through an ever-growing range of channels, while creating and launching new advertising and subscription offers at speed.

CloudSense powers order and subscription management for some of the world's largest media companies.


CloudSense powers order and subscription management for some of the world's largest media companies

Publishers and media organizations rely on CloudSense OMS to grow advertising revenues

In order to remain competitive in a changing digital media landscape, publishers need an OMS solution that allows them to manage complex ad campaign selling at scale.

With 12+ of global experience delivering digital transformation, CloudSense brings expert knowledge of CPQ and Order Management in media to meet the specific goals of ad sales teams, media organizations and publishers. Unlike any other offerings, CloudSense optimizes ad sales and order management processes to deliver greater value to media organizations and publishers.


Choosing the right Order Management Systems (OMS) is a vital step towards running a thriving Ad Sales function, but the selection process can be time consuming. To help you make the right choice, faster, we've created this checklist covering the essential OMS features for Ad Sales.

CloudSense enables publishers to:

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Analyze and crunch large data sets in real time

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Support complex campaign selling

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Offer a mature self-service capability to buyers

Built to manage complex campaign selling at scale


Revenue and yield growth

  • Real time inventory availability and optimizations
  • Increased revenue opportunities
  • Real time reporting of campaign performance

Business efficiency and automation

  • Centralized hub for AdOps to support activation
  • Shift from time spent on internal briefing to external service
  • Better resource allocation

Client Management

  • Quicker pitch turnaround
  • Ensured delivery completion and experience
  • Competitive products and pricing

See what our customer think of us by reading the CloudSense CPQ buyer experience report, by the Info-Tech Research Group

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A reliable delivery methodology

“It’s not because people do this wrong that transformations fail; it’s because they lose focus on what drove them to do the transformation in the first place, which is around changing the business, not so much the technology.”

- Gary Smith, CloudSense VP of Services, EMEA


For an industry accelerating towards a digital-first future

Be first to market, grow your subscriber base and serve up seamless omnichannel experiences your customers love with CloudSense.


Create and launch any subscription offering, including new bundles, promotions or price plans, with clicks not code. The only Salesforce-native CPQ and Subscriber Management platform for Media.

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CloudSense has a solution for small-to-medium publishers

Introducing MediaRapid: designed for SMB-sized media organizations that need an all-in-one, out-of-the-box order management solution to transform ad sales and operations, and future proof their business.

Implemented in 100 days or less by our expert services team.



See how MediaRapid can help you streamline processes, save time and money, exceed targets and avoid human error with fully-automated end-to-end workflows

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Glossary of terms

What is an Ad Server?

An Ad Server is a piece of advertising technology that’s used by publishers and advertisers to run and manage online ads.

What is Ad Operations?

Ad Operations includes all the processes involved in the running of ad campaigns. Ad ops teams take care of the management and delivery of ad campaigns.

What is Google DSM?

Google DSM (Google DoubleClick Sales Manager) was an ad management tool designed for publishers to manage ad inventory. 

DSM was retired in July 2019 and replaced by Google Ad Manager.

Google Ad Manager

Google Ad Manager is an integrated management platform designed to help advertisers and publishers streamline their advertisement processes.

The platform allows publishers to manage and deliver their ads whilst providing detailed reporting on their performance.


The automated buying and selling of online ads with computers deciding what to buy and how much to pay.

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