Publishers rely on CloudSense to deliver sales transformation

Today's publishing landscape is competitive and fast-moving. In order to succeed, publishers need a solution that allows them to sell and book campaigns across an ever-growing range of channels effectively and efficiently, and create and launch new subscription offers at speed.


CloudSense transforms media businesses

Why publishers and media organizations rely on CloudSense

In order to remain competitive in this fast evolving digital media landscape, publishers need a solution that allows them to manage complex campaign selling at scale.

With 12+ of experience delivering digital transformation, CloudSense brings expert knowledge of CPQ and Order Management in media to meet the specific goals of media organizations and publishers. And unlike any other offerings, CloudSense optimizes sales and order management processes to deliver greater value to media organizations and publishers.


CloudSense enables publishers to:

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Analyze and crunch large data sets in real time

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Support complex campaign selling

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Offer a mature self-service capability to buyers

Built to manage complex campaign selling at scale

Analyse and crunch large data sets in real time

To thrive in a media landscape that is growing more complex and competitive than ever, you need a higher level of data processing power to keep up. For many CPQ vendors the burden of these requirements slows down response times to unacceptable levels. 

By contrast, CloudSense’s architecture achieves high performance by separating the heavy duty data crunching from the standard operations that run on the platform. The heavy lifting is executed swiftly in the cloud-based Heroku platform, before being returned onto This division of labor helps keep your workflows lighting quick. 

As a result, our advanced CloudSense Inline Editor dashboard is able to present all orders, line items, performance metrics and revenue forecasts on a single screen, in real time. 

This is invaluable for AdOps, Sales and Finance team, who need comprehensive visibility of orders and inventory in order to maximize revenues for the business. 

AdOps users can amend any active, scheduled or drafted order, and alter start dates across multiple line items of different product channel types. 

Sales representatives have real time visibility of any unsold inventory, so they know exactly what is available to sell and what areas to target. 

Finance personnel have a live view of the performance of all campaigns. If ad lines are under- or over-delivering, that information can be efficiently tied back into your revenue forecasts. 

The true value of a solution like ours is in the data - and the control, confidence, transparency and responsiveness that data gives you to help you proactively run your business.

In-built orchestration

Scale requires automation. CloudSense’s powerful in-built business process orchestrator allows publishers to implement and modify robust automations across their end-to-end sales and order management workflows that can disassemble complex orders and send them seamlessly through the delivery journey. 

Automations can also be applied to updates and changes to approval workflow stages, roles and thresholds, as well as to service contracts that are in-flight, helping you increase your reputation for responsiveness and bolster customer loyalty. 

The result: fast, transparent and error-free order fulfillment that isn’t slowed down by manual re-entries, which has a major positive impact on your customer NPS scores.

Complex solution selling

Any modern order management system needs to allow new products, pricing rules and discounts to be added at speed, and with minimal technical overhead. Media businesses need to be able to make adjustments to their systems over time as they change their profile, consolidate, buy new brands or go through redundancies. Without a big backroom staff of IT people being able to easily change those types of things and future proof for the core framework of the solution is really important. 

CloudSense is designed to work out of the box for publishers of any size, while providing the flexibility and scale that allow ongoing innovation. 

In a digital-first economy, agility in your services portfolio is a critical requirement for staying ahead of a constantly widening circle of competitors. Our customers repeatedly shrink time-to-market for complex offers. 

  • DPG Media was able to reduce their launch time from two weeks to one hour, reducing costs by more than 25% in the process 
  • PropertyGuru saw a 50% reduction in quotation time, and 15-17% growth in ad sales and subscription revenue

Mature self-service capability

In an era where many publishers struggle with cost saving, the increasing popularity of self-service could not be more timely. 

However, many CPQ providers are only just beginning to adapt their software to meet today’s digital self-service demands. Meanwhile CloudSense has been supporting these capabilities for more than 8 years as part of its mission to enable publishers to achieve a truly omnichannel sales operation. 

CloudSense provides the pipework necessary to manage all the back-end complexities: processing all orders and fulfilments through Salesforce, and giving clients the ability to easily configure products, bundles, offers and prices, before surfacing them to their advertisers and buyers. And we won’t restrict your choice of front-end portal; instead we have designed APIs that connect all of this rich capability to whichever front end marketplace our clients prefer. 

The ability to “automate” lower-value campaigns without manual engagement from sales people or ops people, allows publishers to turn them into much higher revenue generators than before.

Media industry services skills

Our domain experience sets us apart, with a team of 150+ solutions consultants shaping every client engagement for success. Whether executing every step of an implementation or working hand in hand with one of our Systems Integration Partners, CloudSense brings our expert knowledge of CPQ in media and publishing to every engagement plan. This means a clear methodology for how to meet our client’s specific business goals. We’ll guide you on which steps to execute in which order, so that you can minimize risk and release value faster. 

The impact is tangible: after Canadian analyst firm, Info-Tech Research Group surveyed end users of CPQ software across the globe, they released an independent review of feedback. CloudSense customers rated their service experience as exceptionally high with scores of 90% plus for effectiveness, efficiency and collaboration.

Out-of-the-box domain specialization

Time and effort is precious. We have developed our platform specifically to meet the needs of a typical media business. That means pre-configuring the data models and standard product types that we know companies sell in this market. Our platform comes ready to slot seamlessly into your overall digital ecosystem straight out of the box

Our customers then tailor our solution to fit their own brand and preferences, but this is only the final outer layer as all the heavy-lifting has already been done. This deep specialization doesn’t just result in being able to cut the time it takes to get your CPQ implementation up and running; it also cuts out the high costs many other packages oblige you to swallow. Employing engineers to adapt a vanilla product by developing deep industry customization from scratch is expensive.

See what our customer think of us by reading the CloudSense CPQ buyer experience report, by the Info-Tech Research Group

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A reliable delivery methodology

“It’s not because people do this wrong that transformations fail; it’s because they lose focus on what drove them to do the transformation in the first place, which is around changing the business, not so much the technology.”

- Gary Smith, CloudSense VP of Services, EMEA


For an industry accelerating towards a digital-first future

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CloudSense has a solution for small-to-medium publishers

Introducing MediaRapid: designed for SMB-sized media organizations that need an all-in-one, out-of-the-box order management solution to transform ad sales and operations, and future proof their business.

Implemented in 100 days or less by our expert services team.


See how MediaRapid can help you streamline processes, save time and money, exceed targets and avoid human error with fully-automated end-to-end workflows

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Glossary of terms

What is an Ad Server?

An Ad Server is a piece of advertising technology that’s used by publishers and advertisers to run and manage online ads.

What is Ad Operations?

Ad Operations includes all the processes involved in the running of ad campaigns. Ad ops teams take care of the management and delivery of ad campaigns.

What is Google DSM?

Google DSM (Google DoubleClick Sales Manager) was an ad management tool designed for publishers to manage ad inventory. 

DSM was retired in July 2019 and replaced by Google Ad Manager.

Google Ad Manager

Google Ad Manager is an integrated management platform designed to help advertisers and publishers streamline their advertisement processes.

The platform allows publishers to manage and deliver their ads whilst providing detailed reporting on their performance.


The automated buying and selling of online ads with computers deciding what to buy and how much to pay.

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