How StarHub empowers its people & partners with CloudSense



reduction in lead-to-order time



reduction in manual order rejections


4 days
to 1 day

reduction in order submission to fulfillment


StarHub is a leading homegrown Singapore company that delivers world-class communications, entertainment and digital solutions. With its extensive fibre and wireless infrastructure and global partnerships, StarHub brings quality mobile and fixed services, a broad suite of premium content, and a diverse range of communications solutions to people, homes and enterprises.

StarHub has used Salesforce as its core platform to sell to its SMB and Enterprise customer base for a number of years. In 2018, StarHub launched a project to make more of its investment in Salesforce and improve its business users’ customer experience.

To achieve these goals, StarHub needed a Salesforce-native platform that could digitize its sales and order management processes and empower its people to take a more customer-centric approach.

CloudSense proved the perfect platform.

We talked to Kent Teong, Vice President at StarHub, about why the communications innovators embarked on the project, as well as the game-changing results the company has seen since combining CloudSense and Salesforce.

StarHub's challenges

In the past, StarHub’s sales teams used a combination of multiple systems and manual forms to manage quotations and orders. This meant StarHub needed dedicated resources to perform checks, balances and re-entry into systems just to ensure the accuracy of details entered in its fulfillment systems.

Relying on more than one system also meant StarHub lacked a single source of truth. This, combined with non-standardized manual processes and approvals, left StarHub with a fragmented lead-to-order process and an opportunity to improve its customer experience.

Why CloudSense fit the bill

Kent explained why StarHub selected CloudSense to overcome these challenges.

"Being existing Salesforce customers, we needed to find a well-integrated CPQ solution to seamlessly transform our enterprise processes into one that is more digital and customer focused. CloudSense, in this aspect, really stood out as the right solution, especially in terms of its telco relevance and proven credentials."

He continued, “CloudSense’s platform, along with its people’s truly collaborative approach, won us over. The CloudSense team took the time to understand StarHub’s pain points before demonstrating how the CloudSense platform would address these challenges and more.”

Disruptive results, without disruptive change

Game-changing sales performance

By extending Salesforce with CloudSense, StarHub now has a single integrated platform for its end-to-end quote to order process for channel partners serving the SMB segment. This platform integration, coupled with a re-engineered business process, has delivered game-changing performance for StarHub’s SMB sales teams.

Automated & auditable processes have reduced the need for manual interventions - cutting order rejections and clarification requests by 70%

time has been
reduced by


This huge reduction in manual effort means Starhub’s sales team can deliver customer quotes and contracts more quickly and accurately.

A convenient customer experience 

StarHub’s customers are also delighted with the updated customer experience. In the past, customers had to enter quotes manually and email or fax back the signed copies so StarHub could process their orders. Now quotations are delivered to a customer’s company email address where they simply need to digitally endorse their acceptance.

Commenting on the CloudSense platform’s impact to date, Kent said:

"CloudSense not only allows us to process our quotations and orders digitally, it reduces the time taken to generate a quotation and process an order without the risk of human error. This is the foundation of our digital journey."

Since being implemented, CloudSense and Salesforce have become the cornerstone from which StarHub can deliver improvements to the rest of its enterprise.

StarHub is extending the platform for managed accounts and wholesale, and using it as a single source of truth to get 360-degree visibility of customer and commercial data, with all MACD transactions on the same platform.

Elevating the experience for SMB and Enterprise customers

As we’ve seen, the multi-phase project has already delivered impressive results for StarHub’s SMB teams. To recap, these results include:

40% reduction in average lead-to-order time

70% reduction in manual order rejections or clarification requests

Order submission to fulfillment time reduced from 3-4 days to 1 day

Ultimately, the improvements mean StarHub can now measure up to its customers’ expectations. Kent summarized:

"With CloudSense’s platform, we can now make the most of Salesforce and improve the experience for our SMB and Enterprise customers."


Next steps

Looking to the next steps of the project, Kent explained how StarHub is preparing to extend the CloudSense platform into more areas of the business.

“Now that we have migrated the high-volume products for the SMB segment, we are planning for the next phase of enhancements to unlock further benefits for the other enterprise segments.”

“Enterprise Business is a key growth area for StarHub. We are taking bold steps to give our enterprise customers a digital experience. We are also digitally enabling our fulfillment channels and our employees to serve our customers. We have reached a significant milestone with the first CloudSense release and look forward to the next successful lap.”

With huge scope for development, the partnership is poised to bring StarHub and its customers more success – watch this space.

"With CloudSense’s platform, we can now make the most of Salesforce and improve the experience for our SMB and Enterprise customers."

Kent Teong, Vice President, StarHub

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