Managed Services

Managed Service Providers rely on CloudSense to deliver sales transformation

Managed Service Providers are entering a challenging but potentially very fruitful era.

Businesses, both large and small, are having to rapidly adopt new technologies, cloud services and communications channels in order to keep up with competition.

CloudSense helps Managed Service Providers deliver bespoke support to businesses of all sizes and profiles, and enables you to bundle products together with connectivity.


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Fusion Connect

“We chose CloudSense because the platform aligns with our business needs. We focus on providing our customers with frictionless, next-generation IT solutions, whether that comes through direct sales, channel partners, or our self-service portal. Partnering with CloudSense will help us fully automate our sales quoting process so that we can quickly deliver quotes and fulfill orders at scale.”

Chris Updegraft
Fusion Connect SVP, Applications and Development


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CloudSense has solutions for
all telecommunications segments 

SMB B2B Telecommuncations

CloudSense makes it possible for your customers to buy, track and manage orders for even the most complex solutions like multi-site networks, unified communications and much more.

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Enterprise B2B Telecommunications

CloudSense gives you the speed and scale you need to sell and provision sophisticated SMB and enterprise solutions on Salesforce. From multi-site networks and mobility solutions, to security, cloud services and much more.

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Communications as a Service providers

CloudSense’s powerful configure price and quote platform for communication organisations helps bring cloud, service, applications and hardware suppliers sell more, faster and more effectively.

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