Achieve next-level ad sales quickly with MediaRapid

Introducing MediaRapid: designed for SMB-sized media organizations that need an all-in-one, out-of-the-box order management solution to transform ad sales and operations, and future proof their business.
Implemented in 100 days or less by our expert services team, MediaRapid runs on Salesforce, delivers business value fast and gives you the freedom to innovate in an increasingly challenging and competitive market.

Introducing MediaRapid

Fast implementation.
Long-lasting impact. 

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25% cost reduction

Streamlined processes save time and money

MediaRapid helps contain your ad sales and operations in a single ecosystem, lowering operational expenses, and allowing your teams to work more cost effectively and efficiently.

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20% greater productivity

Exceed targets with greater understanding of your products and customers

Get a 360-degree view of your ad inventory, customer opportunities and business forecasting to boost campaign optimization and profitability.

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80% fewer order errors

Avoid human error with fully-automated end-to-end workflows

With MediaRapid most aspects of order fulfilment are orchestrated through automation, eliminating manual work wherever possible. The result? Fewer errors, happier customers and no lost revenue.

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30% greater efficiency

An all-in-one solution means fewer swivel chair processes

With all aspects of order fulfilment consolidated into a single system, your team has instant access to everything they need to configure and manage campaigns effortlessly with MediaRapid.

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50% faster to value

See results quickly with our expert implementation

MediaRapid can be live in under 100 days compared to similar solutions, which typically take 200 days or more.

A comprehensive solution

MediaRapid incorporates all the tools to manage the complete cycle in a single place, and automates workflows wherever possible for efficient end-to-end ad sales journey.

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Comprehensive product management

A centralized view of all products and pricing within a universal catalog

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Simplified order management

Build orders through a unified system that eradicates swivel chair processes

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Transparent pipeline and campaign performance

Full visibility and insights enable real time campaign optimization and inventory management

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Integrated and streamlined approvals

Internal and customer approvals are quick and easy to manage through efficient workflows

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Automated media fulfilment 

MediaRapid automates most aspects of order fulfilment cutting out human error

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Precise billing & revenue

Invoicing details are automatically generated – closing the end-to-end workflow loop

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A smooth implementation process

MediaRapid is an out-of-the-box solution designed to streamline and automate your ad sales and operations with an accelerated and simple implementation process.


Discovery and analysis

The first step is to understand your unique business needs, and how our solution can fulfil them.

We’ll delve into detail about your product portfolio, sales scenarios, user stories, end-to-end sales journeys and required configurations to create a full synopsis that will form a solid basis for the build stage.

 Typically 20 days 


Installation, testing and deployment
Next we’ll configure the solution and its components, such as the product and pricing catalog, to suit the demands of your business.
As an all-in-one, out-of-the-box solution, MediaRapid includes pre-defined user journey templates suited to your product definitions and workflows.
This helps ensure fast and effective implementation and launch, and we will continue to tweak and test for maximum solution benefit.
 Typically 50 days 


User adoption (transition), training and support for customer success

Once MediaRapid is deployed we need to ensure that it is properly used by your organization.

That’s why we assign you your very own Customer Success Manager who will manage all the support you need to get the most out of MediaRapid. This includes helping your organization transition from your old systems, data migration, user adoption and training. 

We will also guide you around any new capabilities that we introduce within the platform, so that MediaRapid can continue to drive future success.

 Typically 30 days 

"We understand the importance of managing change without disrupting business as usual. Our team of experts have deep knowledge of the media sector and using our proven methodology ensure swift, predictable delivery of outcomes within weeks."

Jonathan Hodgson, Chief Services Officer, CloudSense

MediaRapid - an out-of-the-box solution that delivers value fast and continues as your business scales

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