Fulfill every order accurately & efficiently

CloudSense’s sales and delivery platform covers your entire customer lifecycle, so you can go beyond the sale to fulfill every order flawlessly.


Accelerate your Quote-to-Cash process with automated Order Management

"Automated online sales and order management processes have saved time, reduced errors and cut costs, while improving the customer journey – in fact, order fulfillment time has dropped by 94%"

Natalie Davies, Head of Customer Experience

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"CloudSense enables our internal and external partners to sell more, easily. By automating our sales processes our lead-to-order time is cut by 25%. This could be doubled by adding end-to-end automation across all our product combinations and adding the likes of order and subscription management."

Danielle de Haes
Enterprise CRM Manager

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“It used to take us 48 hours to provision access for our customers to the digital services they had just signed for. Using CloudSense, we have now integrated our provisioning process with the sales process which automates access instantaneously for our customers".

Richard Peers
Technology Platforms Director

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Move seamlessly from sale to order

Disconnected sales and order systems cause delays, errors and operational inefficiency. But with CloudSense CPQ and Order Management, orders are instantly captured and broken down for fast, flawless fulfillment. Now your teams can stop wasting time re-entering information between systems from quote to order.

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Provision and activate orders faster

Automate your fulfillment activities as soon as an order is placed. CloudSense keeps things moving forward seamlessly, giving you and your customers a real-time view of an order’s status and progression.

Automate billing, accelerate time to revenue

Stop manually re-entering information between your sales, provisioning, and billing systems. CloudSense makes the same data flow seamlessly between your front and back office systems, keeping your invoices error free. Now you can send accurate invoices every time for one-off and recurring orders.

Liquid Intelligent Technologies

“The CloudSense platform supplies the transparency, standardization and automation we need on Salesforce to provide a truly joined-up experience – from sales through to delivery and beyond for our customers”

Raoul Du Plessis, CIO

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