Go to market faster

Launch new solutions and diversify your revenue streams quickly with a platform made for innovation.


Unlock the agility and flexibility you need to innovate faster

Build and launch new products with ease from a single catalog

Customized legacy systems, siloed catalogs and multiple price books kill innovation. It’s time to simplify and centralize things. CloudSense’s centralized Product Catalog lets you launch new products and services in hours, so you can satisfy customer expectations and stay ahead of the competition.

Roll out new pricing, promotions and bundles in minutes

Give your business customers consumer-like quick response times. With CloudSense CPQ, you can turnaround quotes or proposals of any size in minutes. So even for incredibly large orders – containing thousands of products, services and pricing rules – your customers will never be left waiting.

Make changes and pivot fast

Your systems and IT resources shouldn’t stop you from changing your existing product portfolio. Now you can give your product and marketing teams the freedom to innovate quickly and make changes to products, services and pricing in minutes, without relying on IT.

DPG Media

"With the previous system, adding new products used to take two weeks, now with CloudSense it takes an hour."

Marvin Walstra, Manager of Back Office Applications

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CloudSense delivers transformation to ambitious businesses

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