Order & Subscriber Management

Flawless Order and Subscription Management

Initiate, automate and manage every aspect of your orders to provide flawless fulfillment – from the moment customers order to renewals and beyond.


Best-in-class Order & Subscriber Management for service-based businesses

Automate your orders

CloudSense orchestrates every aspect of your order fulfillment, eliminating manual work. The result? Fewer errors, happier customers and no lost revenue.

Simplify change management

Tired of in-flight changes holding up your orders? With CloudSense, new and existing orders can be updated in real time, without the need to start from scratch.

Personalize subscription renewals

Increase customer loyalty and lifetime value with automated renewals, personalized offers and easy self-service experiences.

Introducing Bulk Subscriber Management

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Ambitious businesses rely on CloudSense for transformation


“CloudSense not only allows us to process our quotations and orders digitally, it reduces the time taken to generate a quotation and process an order without the risk of human error. This is the foundation of our digital journey.”

Kent Teong
Vice President at Starhub

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Create, fulfill, and manage orders over time

Complete lifecycle management for subscription-based products and services

  • Enrichment

    Enrich each order for smooth fulfillment

    Enhance orders with more detail to speed up fulfillment and ensure accurate delivery.

    • Capture commercial and technical details without delaying sales
    • Streamline fulfillment activities
    • Process orders faster with fewer errors and corrections
  • progressive_app

    Separate each element of an order

    Start the automated handover process from sale to order immediately, without manually re-entering data in multiple systems.

    • Automate order creation – eliminate data rekeying
    • Breakdown orders into products, services, subscriptions and assets
    • Map commercial orders to operational and ERP systems
  • thought_process

    Orchestrate the entire fulfillment process

    CloudSense coordinates every aspect of your order fulfillment, making your delivery process faster and more efficient.

    • Design workflows with drag-and-drop tools - no code needed
    • Automate downstream and upstream processes
    • Configure and visualize complex processes in minutes
    • Execute long running business processes
    • Track your order status and key milestones in real-time
    • Make in-flight changes in a few clicks
  • customer_survey

    One place for all your order information

    Get insights into your customers’ orders, manage changes over time and never miss out on a renewal or cross-sell opportunity.

    • Automate renewals - retain more customers
    • Personalize offers with cross-sell/upsell recommendations
    • Help service agents carry out change requests (MACD) with ease 
    • Let customers self-serve to change, renew or upgrade orders

An award winning CPQ and Order Management solution

94% reduction
in order fulfillment time

“Automated online sales and order management processes have saved time, reduced errors and cut costs while improving the customer journey – in fact, order fulfillment time has dropped by 94%.”



Natalie Davies
Head of Customer Experience

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Instant provisioning of digital services – cut from 48 hours


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“We not only use the CloudSense platform for the creation of sales orders and booking of orders, we use it for creating invoices. The invoicing details are then sent across to our finance system – closing the end to end loop.”

Marvin Walstra
Manager of Back Office Systems Support

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Order Management explained in 8 steps

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