Commercial & Industrial Utilities

Accelerate your C&I sales

Sell more to your Commercial and Industrial customers with fast, friction-free experiences

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Streamline your Quote-to-Contract process with a single solution for multi-site, multi-commodity and multi-price enterprise deals


Get complex quotes to your customers in minutes

Guide your sales agents, account managers and partners to quickly configure and price complex quotes for single or multi-site orders without compromising on accuracy.

  • Automate customer-specific pricing, discounts, approvals, credit checks and more

  • Validate bespoke quotes without manual workarounds or involving pricing teams

  • Generate and send multiple quotes to customers at the same time in a few clicks


Make every deal profitable

Use powerful business rules, flexible discounting, profit and loss guidance and AI to optimize offers for your most valuable enterprise customers and protect your margins.


Personalize offers with intelligent price recommendations

Calculate your most complex pricing in minutes and recommend tailored offers to your C&I customers based on energy consumption data, formula pricing, frame agreements and much more.


Speed up your contracting process

Go from quote to contract in a few simple steps with data-driven T&Cs, digital approval processes and workflow automation. Now you can streamline the complete contract lifecycle in a single system. All the way from creation and negotiation, through to execution, activation and renewal.


Streamline orders, eliminate errors

Generate orders automatically with no manual work or double data entry from quote to order. CloudSense automatically creates, decomposes, orchestrates and fulfills orders for fast provisioning and activation by operations and trading functions. 

  • Improve operational efficiency for fulfillment activities
  • Automate changes across the service lifecycle such as move, transfer, terminate supply and renew.
  • Track the order status in real-time and make changes in-flight

Automate downstream operations from order to invoice

Keep orders moving forward efficiently with automated workflows and integrations. Catalog-driven quoting, fulfillment and billing ensures your front and back office systems work together seamlessly – so your customers get one accurate invoice every time, based on the same up-to-date product and pricing information used for your quotes.


Rapidly launch new products and services to market

Launch and manage all of your Energy products, services and pricing from a single unified product catalog. With CloudSense, it’s easy to cross-sell services and upsell customers with commodity, non-commodity and partner offerings across any sales channel.

Energy & Utilities Solution Overview

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"Automated online sales and order management processes have saved time, reduced errors and cut costs, while improving the customer journey – in fact, order fulfilment time has dropped by 94%."

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“The way we produce, distribute, and consume energy has changed beyond recognition during the past 20 years. But if, for example, the world is to meet its ambitious decarbonization targets, the energy transition must continue to accelerate.”


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“The CloudSense platform will help them further optimize their sales experience for business customers – delivering better ways of selling the right products faster, more accurately and at the right price.”

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Applications for modern Utilities

Everything you need to reduce quote lead time, go to market faster, increase operational efficiency and more.

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Product Catalog

Launch new products, services and pricing changes to any sales channels from a single catalog - all with clicks not code.

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Price and configure complex offers, automate pricing, discounts, approvals and generate quotes in one system.

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Contract Management

Create, negotiate, sign and manage sales agreements and contracts in one place.

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Order & Subscriber Management 

Automate orders every step of the way from order entry to provisioning, service changes and renewals.

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Become a Utility of the future with a modular architecture

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